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My kids are happy working with Dianne Harmel and her assistant Kelsey.  They all are enjoying singing more and more. The community and friendships make voice lessons a joy for me and them.
Shannon B. – Parent


Thank you for the support, patience and gifts you were able to give to my son.  You really do a great job with all kinds of children, with all levels of abilities.

Cristy Z. – Parent


It has been a pleasure watching our six-year-old daughter learn vocal control and techniques, music notation, and theory this year.  She enjoys singing and has used her musical background to help solidify math concepts she is learning in school.  Our daughter loves Mrs. Harmel.  Her professional yet loving approach to teaching makes the class enjoyable.

Janet B. – Parent


I love attending both the voice class and The Master’s Chorale!  We learn so much about music and why it is so important to know how to read and sing music properly.  And we have fun learning new things!

Brittany A. – Student


As a freshman at Grove City College and a member of its amazing 90-voice choir, I look back with gratitude to Dianne Harmel and The Master’s Chorale. In my years as a TMC singer, I learned skills in sight-reading, performance technique, pronunciation, blending, holding a part, tone quality, and theory (to name just a few) that prepared me for a serious college-level choir. Now, though I am among my college choir’s newest members, I can hold my own with upperclassmen and truly enjoy performing such complex works as Bach’s Magnificat and John Rutter’s Requiem. Thank you, Mrs. Harmel!

Lynn P. – Former Student